Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Soft Moon Rising

This is why I really dig the sport of list-making - you never know what you're going to discover by paying attention to what other people are listening. Sure, sometimes something that seems interesting on paper (LCD screen, to be exact) turns out to be a huge disappointment when you actually get to listen to it, but the few times that you stumble upon something great that had somehow slipped through the cracks, makes the time-consuming endeavor of going through countless lists truly rewarding!

Case in point, The Soft Moon's self-titled debut that was released on Captured Tracks at the end of November - an album which despite its late arrival, managed to make a few appearances in some year-end lists here and there. And rightly so, since Louis Vasquez's one-man band makes an inspiring racket, fueled by the best bits of early '80s post-punk and hell-raising goth. The ghosts of Joy Division and primary Cure are trapped in a kraut-rocking, repetitive limbo and brought back to life, kicking and screaming into the 21st century. It goes without saying that this album should become a part of our own 2010 list as soon as I am done going through the long list of albums that I should check out before making its final version, which will appear in due time over here. Meanwhile, here's a taster from this awesome debut, the official video for the mesmerizing "Circles", a killer track that certainly owes a little something to "She's Lost Control":

The Soft Moon - Circles

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