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MGMT & Future Of The Left - Live @ Technopolis, Athens (September 8, 2009)

MGMT, live @ Technopolis, Athens
MGMT has been one of the biggest sensations of 2008, with their major-label debut "Oracular Spectacular" finding its way in all the respectable end of the year "Best Of" lists and their singles "Kids" and "Time to pretend", getting non-stop airplay everywhere. While the recording of their next album "Congratulations" is underway, the band hit the road for a few shows this summer and we were lucky enough that this road led them here in Athens for their first Greek show at the Technopolis venue.

The night started with local act Cyanna playing an energetic set that included cover versions of The Stooges classic "I wanna be your dog" and The Dubrovniks 1989 cult hit "Like fire" (mixed with a bit of Franz Ferdinand's "This fire").

Future Of The Left, live @ Technopolis, Athens

After Cyanna, it was time for Welsh punk-rockers Future Of The Left who have recently released their fine second album "Travels with myself and another". It was this album's opening track "Arming Eritrea" the one that also started the band's first ever performance in Athens. Unfortunately, they were playing for an audience not familiar with their music who had come for the headliners and was not in a punk rock mood. As a result, and despite the band's best efforts, crowd participation was minimal, leading them to wryly observe "you guys dance a bit better than the Swiss" and to express the wish to play in more intimate surroundings next time they are in town. The few of us who do appreciate their edgy punk sound, enjoyed a tight 45-minute set which included some of the best tracks from their two albums, most notably "Small bones, small bodies", "My gymnastic past" and current favorite "You need Satan more than he needs you".

Future Of The Left, live @ Technopolis, Athens

The much anticipated main act came on stage about a quarter past ten to loud cheers from the sizable audience and kicked off their 70-minute set with "The Youth". As expected, almost all the songs from "Oracular Spectacular" were included in the set along with a few new ones, with "Song for Dan Treacy" being the most notable among them (apparently a tribute to the Television Personalities leader). The loudest cheers were reserved for the hits "Time to pretend", "Electric feel" and of course the triumphant main set-closer "Kids" which drove the fans into a frenzy. MGMT's impressive performance ended with an extended 15-minute jam as the encore, leaving their fans entirely satisfied and hoping to see them again as soon as the Pete Kember (Sonic Boom) produced new album drops in 2010.

MGMT, live @ Technopolis, Athens (Sept. 8, 2009)

MGMT - Kids, live @ Technopolis, Athens (Sept. 8, 2009)

Future Of The Left - My Gymnastic Past, live @ Technopolis, Athens (Sept. 8, 2009)

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