Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Albums of the Month: January 2009

The first cool releases of 2009 are finally here! C.M.C.'s top 3 album for January are the following:

1. Telepathe - Dance Mother

Brooklyn based dance-pop experimentalists Telepathe have just released their excellent debut “Dance Mother”, produced by the multi talented David Sitek of TV On The Radio. Last year’s brilliant singles, the playfully trip-hopin’ “Chrome’s on it” and the hauntingly beautiful “Devil’s trident”, showed the band progressing from the drone-pop experimentation of first efforts, 2006's “Farewell Forest” EP and 2007's “Sinister Militia” 12”, towards an elaborately structured, hook-laden, dark pop sound. Leftfield hip-hop beats, trip-hop atmospherics, tribal drumming and late ‘70s feminist punk aesthetics (“The Slits meet trip-hop experimentation” was my first impression of their sound upon my initial introduction to the band, seeing them live in New York last year supporting Foals – review here) are some of the elements that combine to create a truly unique sound and a genuinely inventive avant pop masterpiece that could easily find its way to the top of our “Albums of the Year” list, come the end of 2009.

Telepathe - So Fine

2. Animal Collective - Merriweather Post Pavilion

If you’re in the mood for even more far-out noise pop experimentation, here’s the latest effort from mad sound-scientists Animal Collective. Beach Boys harmonies form the melodic core of their sound sculptures, where electronic noise envelops tribal off-kilter beats. "Merriwether Post Pavilion” is perhaps their most accessible work to date, with well-structured psychedelic pop gems emerging from the hazy post-modern soundscapes. See the sounds and hear their colors for yourself - here’s the video for "My Girls":

Animal Collective - My Girls

3. Franz Ferdinand - Tonight: Franz Ferdinand

And if, after all this unconventional sonic experimentations, you have a craving for some good old-fashioned, down and dirty indie pop shenanigans, here’s the much anticipated third effort from Scottish pop sensations Franz Ferdinand. Their ambition this time is to make an album for the dancefloor, the soundtrack to an epic night out, a mission which they accomplish successfully, with seemingly effortless cool. Get ready for the floor with first single “Ulysses”:

Franz Ferdinand - Ulysses

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