Thursday, June 12, 2008

Clash of the Titans: Nick Cave vs. Dinosaur Jr. - Live in Athens (June 7, 2008)

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds with Ed Kuepper (Lycabettus Theater, June 7)

"When it rains, it really pours" goes a wise old saying. And this was certainly true for the Athenian rock community on June 7, not because the skies opened up (it was actually a very nice, warm summer night), but because after a particularly poor winter for live music, we were suddenly faced with the impossible task of choosing between Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds playing the Lycabettus Theatre (one of the finest places for summer concerts in Athens, if you don't mind climbing hills) and the very first Dinosaur Jr. Greek gig in Polis Theatre. Your correspondent's choice, not with a light heart mind you, was the Nick Cave gig for 3 simple reasons: a) Cave is currently going through his renaissance period, as proven by his latest albums that are certainly among his best, b) the legendary Ed Kuepper with Jeff Wagener (of The Saints and Laughing Clowns fame) was the support act, and c) I had the pleasure of seeing the reunited Dinosaur Jr. less than a year ago, at 2007's Rock En Seine festival in Paris.

So, it was up the hill for me, for the Aussie rock fest. The Ed & Jeff show warmed us up with a 45-minutes guitar & drums maelstrom (kicking off with the awesome "Honey steel's gold"), followed by a 2 hours plus Bad Seeds extravaganza: four tracks off the latest album (
"Dig!!! Lazarus, Dig!!!", "Midnight Man", "Today's Lesson", "More News from Nowhere") and countless classics from the last two decades ("Your funeral my trial", "Tupelo", "Mercy seat", "Deanna", "Papa won't leave you Henry", "Red right hand", "The lyre of Orpheus", "Get ready for love", "Let love in", "Hard on for love" - you name it, they probably played it). For "Stagger Lee" Ed and Jeff joined the Bad Seeds, briefly forming the ultimate Aussie supergroup, for one of the highlights of an already extraordinary night! Here's some exclusive photos from the gig plus video footage for "Wanted Man" (courtesy of our in-house photographer Alegra):

Ed Kuepper & Jeff Wagener (Lycabettus Theater, June 7 2008)

Wanted Man in Athens City

As for Dinosaur Jr., we shall always have Paris (see picture below). However, if you'd like a small taste of the Polis gig, have a look at the video for "The Wagon", shot on location by our good friend Littlefluffyclouds (of the infamous Plateau blog). Thanks fluffy!

Dinosaur Jr. (Rock En Seine 2007)

The Wagon

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